KTFL has slowly carved a niche for itself with top-class facilities and capabilities. All our forging press lines are highly flexible, which gives us a decisive edge when it comes to meeting dynamic customer demands while maintaining the highest standard of quality.
KTFL has also proven to be one of the world's best in class lead time in development and supplies. We are equipped with single-piece flow from bar to finish & fully automatic presses with transfer line technologies. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as one of the industry’s best



  • Fully Automated Industry 4.o Line
  • Hollow shaft Forging
  • Aluminium Precision Forging
  • High speed Forging
  • Robotic Automation
  • End to End solution

Forging & Precision Forging

  • Our next gen forging technologies - closed die hot, warm, cold, precision an near net shape
  • Best-in-class lead time
  • Single piece flow - from bar to finish
  • Fully automatic presses - 6 axis transfer line and robotic arms handling
  • Iso annealing, spherodise annealing, hardening & tempering furnaces
  • Wide Range of Press for competitive edge -630T, 1000T, 1600T, 2000T, 2500T, 3000T and 4000T help in optimization
  • Contingency ready - with 20 presses, we are always ready with interchangeable dies
  • Future expansion



The HOTmatic AMP 50-9 is suited for forgings that are primarily used in the automotive and bearing industry. Gear wheels, flanges, bearing blanks, etc. For simple to complex part geometries and diameters of up to 108 mm, the AMP 50-9 is the ideal hotformer.

  • Strokes per minutes = 80 Strokes/Min
  • Max Load = 9000 KN
  • Weight Range = 0.17 ~ 2.0 Kgs



The GFM radial forging technology, an incremental forming process with mainly 4 radially oscillating tools, offers interesting design possibilities here. The forming of metallic materials can be done in the cold, warm and hot regime. When forging with mandrels complex hollow contours can be produced in a single operation.
The GFM forging machine is an advanced robotic forging machine with a programmable process that can produce complex & high precision forged components with minimal operator interventions. Its high speed capability of upto 1200 oscillations per minute makes it suitable for high volume production runs, and its reliability & accuracy make it a popular choice for manufacturers looking to improve their forging operations.