Power transmission products convey power to create motion. Transmission is a speed-changing device installed in the power train between the engine and the driving wheels, allowing the vehicle to operate at an optimum speed required for desired power. This is achieved by efficient distribution of the Engine power due to different gear ratios.



We offer output shafts for passenger/commercial vehicles made from case carburized steel upto DIN standard class 5. We produce this part using some of the critical processes like honing, phosphating, groove hard turning, nozzle type shot peening, spline rolling, gun drilling, etc.

Crown Wheel & Ring GEAR

It is a power transmitting member in epicyclical gear box and differential case assembly. We provide wide range of forged and machined ring gear for gearbox and differential cases manufactured through automated production lines designed for consistent quality and light weighted parts.


We specialize in producing high quality king pin yokes and weld yokes, made of durable steel and designed to pivot smoothly ensuring accurate and responsive steering we also offer weld yokes that provide a strong and reliable connection between the drive shaft, transmission and differential. Our products are rigorously tested for strength, durability to meet and exceed the industry standards.


We produce forged and machined gear with high precision and designed to efficiently amplify the transmission of power from an engine to the live axle. With our advanced technology, we have assisted customers worldwide in achieving excellence in power transmission. With a patented technology in manufacturing flashless gears, we at Kalyani technoforge ensures to fulfil all the customized high quantity production needs of the customer upto DIN class 5.

Differential Case

The differential allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds by using a set of bevel gears and shafts that transmit power from the engine to the wheels and helps in avoiding skidding and tyre wear. Our company specializes in producing high quality differential parts and cases using cold forging gears and precision machining technology.

Bevel Gear

Bevel gears are used to transmit rotational energy into different angles through their conical shape. We provide range of bevel gears which are cold & warm forged with precise machining to meet various requirements of our customers.

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