Transmission is key element of powertrain. It is a speed changing device, controlling the power transfer from engine to driveshaft & wheel.


Clutch Housing

A clutch housing operates immediately in line with the clutch pressure plate and allows hydraulic pressure to be transmitted to the clutch through the clutch master cylinder and then the clutch concentric slave cylinder. Clutch Housing is the metal case which is used for covering the clutch and flywheel mechanism. The key function of clutch housing is to protect the clutch and flywheel mechanism from the dirt, water, and pollution of the environment.

Bearing Caps

KTFL is expertise in producing single & double bearing cap used in different IC engines. Bearing cap purpose is to hold the crankshaft in place and to provide support for the engine’s main bearings. The main bearings are what the crankshaft sits on and rotate around. A bearing cap is the part of the engine block which contains the main bearings of a crankshaft.

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